Semana de Nanotecnología 2015

25 al 29 de Mayo de 2015

"Influence of Nanotechnology Techniques in the Power Conversion Efficiency of Photovoltaic Devices"

Arturo A. Ayón
Department Of Physics & Astronomy
The University of Texas at San Antonio



We report a newly developed synthesis-method and the extensive characterization of highly monodisperse, stable, multipode Au/Ag bimetallic-nanostars using an inorganic additive as a ligand. This new method evolves the nano-alloys in one solution rather than the utilization of parallel solutions employed in the state-of-the-art.

Additionally, we discuss the synergistic effects of nanostars when employed in conjunction with CdTe quantum-dots that have enabled demonstrating photovoltaic efficiencies of 15% when applied to substrates with a thickness of ~150μm