10 al 14 de Octubre de 2016

"Zinc phosphate phosphors with possible application
to white light-emitting diodes"

Dr. Ulises S. Caldiño García
Departamento de Física
Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana - Unidad Iztapalapa



It is demonstrated that (Zn(PO3)2) zinc phosphate glasses can generate cold or warm white light emission when they are doubly doped with Ce3+/Dy3+ or triply doped with Ce3+/Dy3+/Mn2+ upon UV excitation at 280nm (AlGaN-based LEDs). The CIE1931 chromaticity coordinates and colour temperature were (0.34, 0.35) and 5250 K for the cold light, and (0.47, 0.43) and 2700 K for the warm light. These cold-or warm-white phosphor glasses pumped by AlGaN LEDs could be appropriated for solid lighting technology as cold and warm white light sources.